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2008 Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, August 30th 2008

The Second Day of the Festival - Music is Great, Disc Golf Demo, Hair Braiding & more...

2008 HVC Peach Jam Music Festival Continues

Hair braiding was one of the popular activities!



And the hair braiding outcome speaks for itself.

...doesn't it?

It looks great from the back too...

...and the "Diaper Derby Champ likes it too...

The Skylands Disc Golf Club put on a demonstration...

...and then provides some expert commentary on disc golf technique.

...and Grace and Hanna challenged Dad and Adam to a putting contest...

...and guess who won?  Grace and Hanna!

Red the Production Manager says "Would you like to dance?"

Can you bear it?

Let's all join in...

...because the music continues and it is GREAT!

Even the Band's lead vocalist likes our friend the BEAR!

Everyone's having a Blast at the HVC Peach Jam Music Festival

Nicole, her Mom, Dad & baby sister Nianna take a break before doing some dancing.

...yes let's do some dancing with our friends.

Is that our buddy Slim getting his hair braided?

Yes it is and who's next to get their hair braided?

...why Dawn of course...  

...a before and after shot...

She looks great too!

...but decides to interview Buffy instead.

Honkey Tonk Gurus with Jim Weilder and Randy Ciarlante (formally of the Band)

Jim Weilder checks out his amp.

Nicole and mom are checking out the music...

...and Nicole is ready to rock n roll.

Mom is rockin!

More kids join in...

Mr. Bear loves it...

...The kids love it...

John gets his Peach Jam Music Festival shirt signed...

...& proclaims day 2 of the Peach Jam "Another rotten day in Heaven at the HVC!"

Background Photo taken by Dr. John T. Whiting:  "HVC Peach Jam Music Festival Peach Tree"

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