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2008 Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Saturday, August 30th 2008

The Second Day of the Festival - Music is Great, Diaper Derby & more...

2008 HVC Peach Jam Music Festival Continues

The music begins and the second day of music is underway!



Do you think she is enjoying this beautiful day?

...and the sound tent is in full operation...

The band continues...

Gabrial opens the gates to Peach Jam Music Festival heaven.

A stage hand with a special guest... we hope he can BEAR it...

...he's got a front row seat.

Buffy and Festival celebrity, Mary Poppins, who plays the spoons.

OK let's get this show on the road....

Some early arrivals are enjoying the day as they wait for the music to begin...

The 1st braiding of the day with Kelly from the NH Herald & friend looking on.

Doesn't that look GREAT?

The Disc Golf demonstration and competition is about ready to begin.

One of the Skylands Disc Golf Club demonstrates putting form...

...and then sinks another putt.

Buffy gives it a try and shows good form...she's a natural golfer (disc or ball)...

...from any side.

Good tee off form is demonstrated by "The Pro" ...

Another Pro shows his tee off form.

Kelly from the NJ Herald says, "Should I give this a try?"

...but decides to interview Buffy instead.

Background Photo taken by Dr. John T. Whiting:  "HVC Peach Jam Music Festival Peach Tree"

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