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2008 Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


"The Hidden Valley Peach Jam Music Festival was not to be like the original Woodstock, 'Peace, Music & Love" but "Familystock" where families could gather, enjoy music, activities and games and  experience four days of 'Peace, Music and Family Fun!'"

Dr. John T. Whiting, HVC Spokesman

The Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival was the brain storm of Ray Smith, the President of Premier Cycling Promotions, Keith Hala, HVC General Manager and Dr. John T. Whiting, HVC Spokesman.

Ray Smith had become a partner with the Hidden Valley Club in the startup of the Hidden Valley Club Mountain Bike Race Series run every Thursday from July to the end of August, with the Mountain Bike Series Championship scheduled for the last Thursday in August.  Smith suggested that the  Mountain Bike Series Championship be expanded into a 4 day event extended to include music, games, inflatable rides, amusements and other fun family activities over the Labor Day Weekend.

Although the decision to hold the first Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam Music Festival was made late, with little time for promotion and detailed planning, it was agreed that holding the event would be a good "test" of the ability to attract families to a music festival that highlighted wholesome family outdoor activities.

With Smith and Premier Cycling Promotions taking responsibility for the "ingredients" of the Festival (e.g. scheduling of bands, vendors, rides and amusements) and the Hidden Valley Club providing the venue, the first Hidden Valley Club Music Festival was born.

The addition of Rooster Stage Promotions ensured a quality line up of bands, and the addition of Steve Cheripka and Tripp/Mixx Productions to provide the games, inflatable rides and vendors, the 2008 Hidden Valley Club Peach Jam was born.





Background Photo taken by Dr. John T. Whiting:  "HVC Peach Jam Music Festival Peach Tree"

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